Once upon a time, no no, it was five years ago whilst I was walking that I rediscovered the artistic world. I was walking peacefully when suddenly my eyes were drawn to art work on the ground. From then on it was a new beginning, personal and professional. The beginning was uncertain; scared face to face with the white canvas, which I hadn’t had contact with for many years. I had forgotten the sound of the paintbrush gliding slowly on the canvas, the smell and the thrill when my work is completed. The pleasure of creation accomplished. I am here today with an ever-growing passion, the pleasure, the need, which is to create. Artistic painter, no this term for me is dedicated only to the big names, the alchemists of magic. I would simply say simply that I am a Visual designer

DSC_1452In my working environment in which I had the opportunity to evolve during many years, each day new targets to follow, to attain, no room for boredom, a race against time. Today my mind stays conditioned faced with these constraints, each of these finding a place in my creations. I set my own rules and my own targets. I erase boredom whilst I paint. I count each line that I set down, each colour; I respect a code, closed lines, a meaning, a multiple of 3. So that my mind stays awake, the need to live with my créations.

A Chinese proverb says: “There are three treasures in the sky: the sun, the moon and the stars. There are three treasures on this planet: water, fire and earth. There are three treasures in mankind: the pure substance that supports and nourishes life, energy and spirit. It is the harmony between the sky and the planet.”

My world is composed of petals of a large marshmallow flower, aquatic mollusks loitering in the air, a rainbow firework … Where do they come from? Maybe from my various trips to Asia, I’m like a wave being lulled back and forth between France and Japan. On this large playground these surroundings mystical, lyrical, atypical get mixed up. A well carefully thought combination, a strange world, fresh, colourful, where the shapes and harmony take pleasure in paying attention to detail even sometimes minuscule, the lines are closed, everything is tripled.

“The shape is the external expression of inner content” Kandinsky

In the eyes of the unknown, the glow, a born smile: The pleasure of creation accomplished.