I was born in France in 1975, I grew up in an artistic environment by my dad. At that time he was an advertising photographer. He made me discover photography but also painting. And I created my first painting when I was a teenager. It was an oil painting. Some creations were born during this period. And then I took another path, that of Marketing. For years, I focused on my job. One day, a meeting made me resume canvases and brushes. I was 35 years old.

The beginnings were a bit chaotic, hesitating, dramatic even, mixture of anger and joy too. It took me perseverance, patience to finally have this pleasure, that of the accomplished work, and to feel satisfaction. To finally decide to listen to me and leave in this beautiful artistic adventure and travel.

I lived for a few years between France and Japan where little by little my inspiration grew, evolved. I had to learn and tame a different culture, it allowed me to open my mind and my heart. It was through these travels that my artistic construction took shape.

One must learn to continually examine one’s motivation and inspiration. It is therefore everyday that I continue to build myself, questions, readings, research, artistic desires, crying, sometimes frustration. For me to create has become a need, a need for expression, to feel free and not locked up in this or that box that our society sometimes imposes upon us. It helps me to direct my mind, to explore the inner and the outer, to try to understand diversity, it is a reconnection to our essence.

My work comes from my imaginary world, my energy, my personality.
“The form is the outer expression of the inner content” Kandinsky
It is a spiritual journey, a meditation, a break to the point where dreams and reality merge. It’s a trip with us. Where the eyes are the door of the mind and where to look with the mind. An energy symbolizing our strength and our differences. We must know how to listen to our inner world, to know how to listen to our thoughts.

My universe is a large space where different environments mix, huge petals of flowers, aquatic mollusks strolling in the air, rainbow fireworks, tree roots. A carefully thought-out mix, a dreamy, strange, fresh and colorful world where shapes and harmony delight in a tiny detail of “microcosmic” detail of repetition and sometimes complex. I create my own rules, my own goals, I erase boredom, I respect a code, a sense of color, closed lines, a direction, a multiple of 3. So that my mind is always awake, attentive, in order to be one with my creation.

Today I live and work in Ho Chi Minh City, a new place, a new culture, new inspirations, new challenges, new encounters, new creations. A new me too.

And from it was born UPOPO O HANA SPIRIT, “The spirit of the sound of the flowers”, it is a floral composition, colorful, enchanting, appealing to your senses. An interior garden represented by about thirty paintings and about 6,000 pieces of ceramics.